Skimmers Before the Storm

Motivated by Hurricane Irene, I made this picture to demonstrate how I envisioned the skimmer rush at Nickerson Beach would look like the tempest hit.

After some fundamental edge tidies up, then I changed over the picture to high contrast and afterward applied my "delicate fix" preset channel in the Fractalius Filter by Redfield as clarified beneath.

When you have stacked the Fractalius Filter in Photoshop, copy the picture you are chipping away at (CTRL J). At that point hit FILTER > REDFIELD > FRACTALIUS. The module program interface will open. Impressions 1 is preset that I began with when my "delicate fix" preset was made. To make your own "delicate fix" preset, start by choosing the "Impressions 1" preset starting from the drop menu (situated by the green checkmark). At that point change the sliders to coordinate the settings beneath:

sharpness: 11

line width: 25

sweep: 69

dispersion: - 05

profundity: 13

sharpness: 18

line width: 10

sweep: 27

dispersion: 08

profundity: 02

brilliance: - 26

immersion: - 10


When you have coordinated the settings above, pick SAVE USER PRESET, at that point name the preset and snap spare.

I generally apply the delicate fix channel to a copy layer with the goal that I can change the mistiness of the layer and additionally add a layer cover to uncover a portion of the first picture beneath.

After more edge tidy up I included the free Shadowhouse Creations surface overlay underneath.

I prescribe that you download the whole set from this gathering of surfaces; you can download the accumulation from their website. It would be ideal if you make certain to make reference to Shadowhouse Creations on the off chance that you utilize any of them for your pictures.

To apply the surface to the picture open the base picture and the surface in Photoshop. At that point hit WINDOW> ARRANGE> TILE on a level plane or vertically and utilize the Move Tool to drag the surface over the base picture. Your layer palette window should demonstrate the base picture as Background and the surface as Layer 1. If necessary, alter the size of the surface layer by hitting Ctrl T for the Transform Tool. Since you have the surface layer over the base picture you can explore different avenues regarding the Blend Modes. For this picture I utilized Multiply. I likewise prefer to utilize Soft Light and Overlay. When you have chosen your Blend Mode you can add a layered veil to the top layer and uncover more fine-grained detail from the base picture on the off chance that you wish. It is ideal to utilize a delicate brush set to a low murkiness.

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